The Biggest Tech Fails Of 2016

technology fail

2016 was another big year for technology however, although there have been many successful technology advances there have also been many fails. The biggest one of 2016 is of course the Note 7 fiasco that took over the technology industry for a while. Samsung, Yahoo and Apple all had fails last year. Many people know what issues Samsung had last year but did you know what fail Palmer Lucky had?

This video goes through the various different fails that several technological companies had last year. Some of the business you will have heard of and some you may not have heard of such as Fitbit who also suffered their own fail. They purchased the brand Pebble but only to use their software to improve their own brand.

Palmer Lucky who is the creator of the Oculus Rift suffered a major fail last year as he was seen as using money to fund trolls in the run up to the US Presidential Election. Facebook who now own Oculus Rift also had their own technological fail as they had an issue with “fake news”. 2017 is a new year for technology and is sure to bring us many great devices and concepts. As we have seen at the CES event earlier in the month there are some amazing devices and services that have been created but yet to be released in the technology world.

Some examples, of the incredible things that we saw at this year’s show are Dell’s 2-in-1 laptop, the Hypersuit machine, a smart tattoo and Razor’s new three screen laptop. These are only a handful of products that were on show. Many aren’t going to be released until 2018 but we can expect to see a few in 2017. Let’s hope that with Samsung set to release the S8 in April that they don’t have another Note 7 drama.

by Asia Walker