This Giant Swing Rotates 360°

360 swing

Colin has decided this time to create a giant swing which can swing 360°. It beats any swing we have ever seen before and is surely a lot scarier as there are no straps or harnesses to make sure that you don’t try it at home. You have to work really hard to get enough height to swing all the way around. Each swing that you take brings you higher and higher up. The swing even has lights going down the side of it so that you can see it in the dark.

The swing itself is made out of steel beams which are cut down to create the structure of the swing. Each beam is either cut up or had bits attached to it so that each one can fit nicely together with the other one. They tested the swing by using a normal swing seat which they later changed to a standing one. All of the mechanical parts were measured out especially so that they could handle Colins weight when he used the swing. If Colins weight was not taken into consideration then it may topple over when he uses it.

Colin Furze has a whole YouTube channel where he showcases the weird, wacky and epic projects that he comes up with. Colin also has a website where you can find these projects in more detail. Some examples of projects that he has carried out in the past are creating an underground bunker, jet-kart and the ultimate tuk-tuk. The amount of effort that is put into each project is a huge amount as the outcome is always epic.

If I were to try and recreate this epic build I don’t think the final outcome would be anywhere near Colin’s. I certainly wouldn’t be able to do it by myself as I have no engineering skills. I could probably make a giant swing with a few friends but not a 360 swing as you need to think about additional factors.

by Asia Walker