Create A 360° VR Live Stream With Live Planet

360 camera

This VR camera has 16 individual lenses which all have syncronised sensors. It has a micro SD card slot as well as a 3D 360° output. You can use it with wifi, HDMI or ethernet and you can record a video in 60fps/4k. It costs $7, 995 if you pre-ordered it now as it’s usually $9,995.

This means that you can see a 360° of what you want to film. This is a great product for live events as the audience can really see what is going on. The prototype camera is a lot larger than what the product will actually look like. The product itself will be a lot more compact which means that it is great for people who don’t have a large space around them.

The VR live stream can stream the content to the cloud or a VR headset. The live streaming device has an internal storage of 512 GB to record the video or to stream it live through the cloud. It is due to be released at the end of 2016 however, I’m sure that only a few people will purchase it as it’s quite expensive for a gadget that you may only use a few times.

The product itself is targetted more towards newsmakers, documentary makers and even YouTubers rather than the everyday consumer. However, an avid techie may pick it up just to have a go at it as the concept is a different to usual live streaming cameras or VR cameras. This gadget allows you to see yourself in live virtual reality.

There is bound to be many more products similar to this which are going to be released over the next few years. Each one will have it’s separate features that make it different from the other. We would like to try one for the day just to see how it works as it would be a great thing to feature on our social media accounts.

by Asia Walker