Top 6 Most Addictive Mobile Games of 2014

addictive video games

At great personal risk, we’ve battled through potential addiction to bring your our short-list of some of the most obsession-inducing games for your mobile phone of 2014…

1. 2048


The hands-down winner for this award has to be 2048… the scarily addictive ‘Tetris + basic addition’ game. It has broad appeal – it’s got us hooked, and our grandparents and everyone in between – and despite/ because of the simple concept it is far too easy to get lost in it for hours.  Available in iOS and Android variants, it’s a definite contender to knock crazy birds off its perch and consign candy crush to the great sweetshop in the sky.


2. Leo’s Fortune


 Leo’s Fortune is a beautiful platform game which will have you hooked because of its gorgeous graphics. Leo is a gruff but endearing moustachioed fluff ball who needs to recover his gold.  Help him follow the trail of gold through lush landscapes and beautifully realised environments tackling puzzles along the way. It is beautiful and you’ll soon be hooked.


3. Table Tennis Touch


Table Tennis Touch has got to be the most realistic table tennis game for the iPhone or iPad. You begin getting some lessons from the cheery robot Wiff-Waff then progress through beautifully-realised village halls against increasingly challenging opponents. The designers claim of ‘unrivalled dynamics’ is easy to accept; you can play drop shots, topspin drives, curving loops and smashes like a pro. The dynamics might be fantastic but later levels are fiendishly difficult – you have been warned!


4. Room 2


Room2 came out for iPad in December 2013, but the iPhone and Android versions came out early this year so it has snuck onto this short list. Mesmerising visual detail and scarily engrossing puzzle chapters make this game hard to put down.


5. Monument Valley


Monument Valley’s game play is possibly a little too short to qualify as truly addictive, but it makes our list because of its beautiful MC Escher inspired graphics. Apple has just named it iPad game of the year, calling it: “An enchanting blend of Escher-inspired perspective puzzles and beautiful minimalist style, this genre-defining effort wows at every turn. Its clever challenges and hidden depth left us in perpetual state of awe.”


6. Clumsy Ninja


Clumsy Ninja is possibly one of the cutest characters to be created this year… throw him, tickle him, tie balloons to him or simply train him. Everything you do will improve Clumsy Ninja’s ninja skills and help him travel the world and complete quests in order to find his missing friend Kira. But it’s the endearing animation that makes him one of the top games of 2014 that we keep returning too.


What have we missed?  Do you agree with our list?  Which mobile games have had you hooked this year?  Let us know what’s occupied your iPad and iPhone in 2014…

by Fran