Android Smartphone Iris Scanning

Iris scanning

Security for smartphones is increasing each year. You can now protect your Android phone further by adding an additional security scan using your eye as a passcode by using iris scanning. This should help to protect your phone even more if it was ever to get stolen for example. The way that it works is similar to when you use your fingerprint the person who’s fingerprint is connected with the smartphone is the only one who can open it.

As smartphones are easily stolen these days having an extra protective barrier will go down well with many people as they often have lots of personal things on their phones. Iris scanning is something that has been used in Airports when you go through passport control. However, this is only available to adults who have a certain electronic passport.

The way that iris scanning will work for smartphones is that a barcode will be projected onto the pupil during the scanning process which makes it extremely secure. It allows you to verify transactions which may not be appropriate for fingerprint scanning. It prevents people from sending fake pictures as the software makes sure that the eye which is being scanned is a real one.

At the moment it’s only being tested within financial businesses and high transactional companies. They currently only support Android but are working to work on iPhones also. They’re looking for partners who will invest in their software and ideas so that it can be accessible to lots more people in a short amount of time.

This is something that could eventually replace the fingerprint passcode as cybersecurity these days is constantly being improved to prevent viruses from entering a smartphone’s software. Whether or not this will be successful I don’t know as many people want to protect their phone even further but also want it to be easily accessible.

by Asia Walker