Check Out Apple’s AirPods


When the iPhone 7 came out so did the Apple AirPods which are headphones with no wires. You can connect them to your iPhone by using bluetooth. You charge them by placing them in the pod which you can then attach a lightning cable to and charge them normally like you would your iPhone. You can use your iPhone to see how much charge each AirPod has.

Although the AirPods are brand new I’m not sure whether I would like them as they would feel weird without having a cable attached to them. They retail at £159 and you can pick them up at any Apple store. The AirPods are always on and are already connected to your smartphone saving time. Technology inside the AirPods means that when you take them off the pause whatever is playing and then when you put them back in the resume whatever was playing before.

You can activate Siri by double tapping either of the AirPods which means that you don’t have to take your iPhone out of your pocket. The AirPods have the Apple W1 chip inside of them which makes the wireless even better so that the connectivity is stronger. The AirPods can last up to 5 hours on a single charge which is a lot considering they are wireless. The case keeps up to 24 hours charge which means that you only need to charge the case itself every so often.

The AirPods have dual beamforming microphones which filter out background noise so that you can make a call or talk to Siri clearly. You only have to set up your AirPods on one device for it to connect to all of your Apple devices. To use them on some devices you only need to select AirPods on your sound control panel.

by Asia Walker