Incredible Augmented Reality Comic Books

Augmented reality comic books

This comic is unlike any other. The only way that you can find out the whole story is by downloading the app that goes with it. Not only is it a comic but it’s also an augmented reality comic book. This just means that the story comes to life making the line between what is real and what isn’t smaller and smaller. Much like VR you need something to activate the technology whether it’s a pair of glasses or in this case a smartphone.

The comic itself will cost you £30 and the app that you will need to download to enjoy the full experience is free. It’s a whole new way to read comic books as it allows you to really immerse yourself into the story. This would be a great gift for any comic geek as well as any tech fan. It’s something that we could have expected appearing in the future as the world of technology moves towards virtual reality and augmented reality.

Comic books aren’t that popular anymore which is why this feature is so special because it makes people want to read them again. The comic itself is almost two stories in one as if you read the comic without using the app it tells a different story then if you use the app. The app reveals all of Polaxis’s secrets who is the main character in the comic.

It’s a clever concept as it adds value to something that some people may not find time to read. The whole family can enjoy this experience as each and every one of us is bound to be impressed with the technology behind it. We are sure to see many more comic books designed with augmented reality as the trend becomes more and more popular in 2017. Augmented reality comic books are the way forward!

by Asia Walker