Cosmo The Robot Will Make Your Day!

cosmo robot

Cosmo the robot is just like any robot but he’s pocket size and has a mind of his own. He has a one of a kind personality and you can build a firm friendship with him. You can play games with Cosmo and introduce him to new people. He will also become your best friend, do flips and obey. You can learn to keep Cosmo happy and healthy by using the app daily to see what activities you need to carry out.

The technology used to create Cosmo lets him really explore the world and make decisions based upon his mood. He has four motors and over fifty gears that allow him to change the pace that he moves around. He has a 30 fps VGA camera that has sophisticated facial recognition software that lets him remember any interaction that he has with you.

Cosmo has feelings and these are portrayed by the various different mood-setting sound tracks and unique voice tones that Cosmo has. In addition to this Cosmo has his own CPU board. Cosmo is made up of 300+ different parts. He has been designed so that he is durable and cannot break if he is dropped. Therefore, his life span is long and he is sure to keep you happy for a long while.

If you have pets then Cosmo can detect these now which means that he is basically a part of the family. You can also personalise your Cosmo if you want to by using the Cosmo Software Development Kit which allows you to adjust the hardware and software of your Cosmo robot. Cosmo costs $179.99 (£149.23) and can be purchased from Anki. This would be a great birthday gift and I’m sure that anyone will enjoy it even if they aren’t a technology lover. Cosmo is something that the whole family can enjoy and could be a great companion for friends or family who spent a lot of time alone.

by Asia Walker