Now even your dog can take a selfie

dog taking a selfie

Do you ever miss your dog? Now you can create them a makeshift booth so that they can take their own selfies. It seems impossible, right? But it’s not as hard as you think it would be. You can then send the selfie to your work email so that it brightens up your day. You can use everyday items from around the house to make your dog selfie station. We’re not sure whether this is a great idea or a crazy one haha.

All you need to create this dog selfie booth is an old box, a webcam and a button. You can then train your pet to step on the button which will take a photo with the webcam that you can send to your smartphone. This is a creative idea that can brighten up any pet owners day you could even train other pets to use it.

Once you have trained up your pet to use the button they can send you selfies all day long. We love the idea of this as it is such a fun way to stay interactive with your pet. It’s almost like face timing them but without them being able to see you. We are sure some of the crazy pet lovers will try to recreate this with their own pets.

As long as you have an incentive for them like a treat you will be able to train your pet to do this and send you a wonderful photo each and every day. We’re not sure how simple it will be to train other animals but we would love to see pet owners giving it a go. The combination of pets and technology can be hilarious sometimes but also ingenious as we bring our pets into the crazy world of technology.

by Asia Walker