Ducky Keyboards

So while doing a bit surfing the old Googleings last night I came across Ducky Key Boards. These guys have taken key boards to the next level. They have incorporated LED’s into the keys so on every key stroke you get your own awesome light show, cool right? Who doesn’t want to be sending a another boring email to your boss while pretending to fly Battlestar Galactica.  The only draw back is their not cheapest keyboards in the world. You can pick up a pretty basic black one off eBay for around £79.99.   £144.95 from You can pick up the Ducky Yellow Keyboard (in the video) for £144.95 from They offer a whole range of awesome key boards these are just a couple of our favorites.



Phone-Heroes-Ducky-Black-keyboard Phone-Heroes-Ducky-zero-Black-keyboard

by Fran

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