The Floppy Disk Camera

floppy disk camera

In 1999 the Sony Mavica MVC-FD73 also known as the floppy disk camera was released. This camera is unlike any other camera as the only way to record or save anything on the camera was by using a floppy disk.  Nowadays, we have SD cards that we use to save our data on.

SD cards are fairly small and can be easily transported. Imagine having to carry around multiple floppy disks if you were a photographer using this camera. All you have to do is simply slot the floppy disk into place, turn on the camera, get the perfect angle and then take the photo.

If you wanted to transfer the files from your floppy disk to your desktop or laptop then you will need a floppy disk drive. The Sony Mavica MVC-FD73  retails for around £15 now on sites like eBay where you can find the original camera. The Sony Mavica MVC-FD73 is a compact camera that weighs 1.1lbs, has a sensor resolution of 0.35 pixels and an optical sensor size of 6.4mm.

We think that it is a great camera as it does the job and has a lot of character to it as well. As the camera itself is a compact camera it would easily fit into your bag unless it’s a tiny one. We’re not sure if the camera runs on a battery or whether you have to put batteries inside of it to make it work.

Although the quality of the image won’t be anywhere near as good as the quality you can get today at least it takes photos in colour. It would be interesting to try one out as it is a lot different to the cameras that we are used to today. We would need to get a floppy disk drive as none of the computers we have here at Phone Heroes have a floppy disk drive.

by Asia Walker