Happy 25th Birthday World Wide Web!!

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Happy 25th birthday to the internet! The internet went live on March 12th 1991! The British inventor of the internet Tim Berners-Lee kick started things off with a short post on the alt.hypertext newsgroup of a short summary of what the World Wide Web was. You can see this post as Google has archived all alt.hypertext newsgroups to this day on Google Groups. In the post it explained how to download the browser and suggested users to visit the first public Web page. This page is no longer available but later versions of this page have been archived here.




The World Wide Web was far from what we know it to be today. No images, No Music and definitely no Youtube. The name World Wide Web was adopted as the project’s name following rejected possibilities such as ‘The Mine of Information’ and ‘The Information Mesh’ . Here’s what the first internet browser looked like running on the NeXTStep operating system. NeXTStep was the operating system that ran on the NeXT computer. A company Steve Jobs started after getting the boot from Apple in 85.


screensnap2_24cRetro Right?


In 1992 things quickly began to develop and the first ever image was uploaded to the World wide web, it was of French parodic rock group Les Horribles Cernettesin. Dont ask why?, these are just the facts!




In 1993 it was announced that the World Wide Web was free for everyone to use and develop. This is the core reason why its had such an impact on the world we live in today. By the end of 1993 browsers had been developed for Mac OS, Windows and Unix. With the growth in availability to use Web browsers came the commercial ISP business (Internet Service Providers).  From this point the World Wide Web just kept on growing and popular sites that we all know and love began appearing.

1994: E-commerce online appeared, The birth of online shopping YAY!!

1995: Witness the launch of some of the internets big cats! Amazon, Yahoo, eBay and MSN all graced our screens.

1998: was to see the birth of Google and Disney.com and a huge increase in users from 255,000 on the network to a massive 300 million!! users.

2000: Wikipedia went live, we also saw for the first time in history dot-com companies collapsing on the stock market.

2001: By now there were over 640 million users on the network.

2002: Brought us Pay-Pal

2003: saw the launch of both Myspace and LinkedIn, we also saw our beloved Skype appear on the Web.

2004: was the year of Facebook, also it was the end of Hollywood as we know it with birth of BitTorrent….wah,wah,waaaaah

2005: changed the way we watched and shared videos with the launch of Youtube, it also brought us a web developers new best friend with WordPress making an appearance.

2006: we got tweeting with the launch of Twitter

2007: brought us our favorite email service, Gmail

2008: we saw the mobile web appear allowing us to surf the net while on the move.

2009: went a little crazy with the release of Bit Coin, a completely digital currency that you could mine (make) from using a couple of graphic cards and a bit of computer wizardry.

2010: saw Instagram snap its way onto the web, opening a the door for a new wave of photo sharing

2011: saw world record for Whatsapp where a crazy 1 billion messages where sent in one day!

2012: saw Facebook buy Instagram for a WHOOPING $1 billion

2013: was a crazy year for Bebo, AOL bought Bebo back in 2008 for a huge $850 million. In 2013 Michael Birch the creator of Bebo bought it back for $1 million!!

2014: we are only half way through the year and already Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) has snapped up Whatsapp for a massive $19 billion!! I’m sure we will see alot more to come from the World Wide Web!

It has only been 25 years from Tim Berners-Lee first post on the World Wide Web and already we have achieved so much. The internet has truly become part of our everyday lives and to some extent we would be lost without it.  What do you think is going to happen in the next 25 years? Bring on 2039!!

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