A Pen That Uses Heat To Erase Ink

heat pen

This pen is a little different to others as it erases ink using heat. It was created by two engineers Jack and Patrick who wanted to create a rubber that wouldn’t smudge when you went to erase something. The pen itself is a two in one as it has a pen tip on one end and then the remover on the other.

The ink used is heat-sensitive that disappears when heat is used around it. This means that when you use the remover it leaves a clean page behind that you can write on again. If you aren’t using the pen for a long time then it shuts off after it hasn’t been used for 15 seconds. The cap of the pen covers the switch that you use to control the heat pen. This means that it won’t turn on in your pocket and burn you.

The product is currently waiting for enough funds on Kickstarter before it can be produced fully. If the funding is successful then you can pick up your own pen for around £27. The pen itself comes with a charging cable and some replacement ink cartridges so that when you run out you have some on hand to use before you have to buy new ones.

The idea itself is very clever as we are often trying to reduce the amount of waste that we produce. This pen solves that as we can rub out things that are incorrect meaning that we use less paper overall. It would be a great addition to anyone’s stationery collection however my only concern is the safety of the pen. If there were ever to be a time where the button is being pushed down when the pen is inside someone’s pocket or bag it could cause some harm. The other question is would they be available in high street stores or just online?


by Asia Walker