This Hedgehog Can Unlock An iPhone

hedgehog fingerprint

We live in a world where passwords are everywhere. We have them on our phones, bank cards, online shopping accounts etc…However, a large percentage of us still us very basic passwords such as 1234. This person came up with a genius way to protect their iPhone by using a hedgehog’s fingerprint as their password. This is a pretty good way to protect your phone as who is going to know that the only way to get into your phone is by using the hedgehog’s fingerprint.

However, does this mean that the user has to have the hedgehog with them all the time? Quite possibly unless they have the numerical password active on their iPhone as well. This would be almost impossible especially if the user goes on holiday or isn’t around the hedgehog all day. This has obviously been created for a joke but the concept behind it is very clever.

You would think that with the hacking abilities that people have these days that people would create passwords that are more secure by using a mixture of lower case letters, upper case letters, numbers and special characters. Let’s hope that this video encourages people to use stronger passwords so that their data and private information is kept safe. The comedy aspect of this video is brilliant as it’s something a lot of us would probably think about but would never actually consider doing.

I bet a lot of people will now try this trick with their pets whether they are a cat, a dog or even a lizard I’m sure they will give it a go. That would be a good party trick to show your friends or family although I don’t think it should be done on a regular occurrence. Trying to get your pet to stay still while you get their fingerprint may be a lot harder than you think.

by Asia Walker