This Drone Can Carry A Human

santa drone

Raindeers and a sleigh are now an old-fashioned way of delivering Christmas presents. You can now do it by drone. Well, of course you can it is 2016 after all the year that drones have taken over the technology world. As there isn’t an actual drone that can carry a human being Casey Neistat decided to create his own one. This is not the first time that Casey has wowed us with his creations he has also snowboarded with the NYPD and created an Aladdin magic carpet.

This time Casey decided to create a drone that would be able to lift himself off the ground although he mainly used it to skateboard around. The drone itself is covered in Christmas lights to make the experience more magical. He doesn’t need a car or truck to tow him anymore he can just use the drone. Tons of people are seen taking photos of the incredible creation that many people would have never seen before.

As Casey speeds along on his skateboard he high fives passers-by who are stood in astonishment. The video itself was filmed in Finland where Casey and his friends flew out to film the video. The drone itself took a whole year to build as each part had to be carefully put together. The video which has been posted to YouTube was sponsored by Samsung who’s 360 camera has been put onto the drone.

The drone must have gone through tons of tests to make sure that it could carry the weight of a human being. It would cost a lot if it was made available to purchase for the public because of the sheer size of it. It has eight propellers which help to lift the device of the ground and into the air. Ironically when filming the video another drone was used to film Casey being pulled by the huge drone.


by Asia Walker