iPhone 7 VS Explosive powder

iPhone vs explosive powder

Testing out different ways to damage an iPhone is always fun especially when you get to use gunpowder. YouTuber Tech Rax is well known for testing out crazy experiments on mobile devices. His most popular device is the iPhone, he has been known to electrocute, set on fire and even boil iPhones in coca-cola.

In this video Tech Rax has decided to use a small bit of gunpowder to see how it will affect the iPhone. As you can see in the testing before the gunpowder is used the iPhone works perfectly. The first time that they use the gunpowder nothing really happens apart from the iPhone screen getting smashed. Then they use some more gunpowder and you can see the reaction by the fire and smoke that is produced once the hammer has made contact with the iPhone and the gunpowder.

The front of the iPhone is completely smashed which you would expect from the impact of the hammer. They then turn the iPhone over and add continued to destroy the iPhone. You can see smoke begins to arise from the iPhone. There is clearly heavy damage to the back of the iPhone as it’s also bent. The front of the iPhone is non-existent as when they turn it over there is no front screen. The glass would have smashed from the impact of the gunpowder as well as the impact of the hammer.

It’s safe to say that mixing gunpowder with an iPhone means that your iPhone will no longer work afterwards. You can’t even use any of the parts as they are all unsalvageable. It just goes to show that although the iPhones are well built they cannot handle any major impacts as they just break within an instance. Gunpowder is a strong material and can do a lot of damage which is why there was no iPhone at the end.

by Asia Walker