iPhone 7 VS metal roller

iPhone 7


Tech Rax is at it again with his experimenting. This time he has decided to see how a metal roller would affect an iPhone 7. He has a brand new iPhone 7 which he rolls through the machine which cracks the screen of the iPhone 7 straight away. He continues to roll the smartphone through the roller which then cracks the glass of the screen and damages the LCD. In the end, because the iPhone has a lot of pressure the layers of the iPhone come apart and flames begin to appear.

It’s obvious that the iPhone 7 is a lot tougher than other iPhones. The build of it is more durable and can handle a lot before it becomes fully damaged. In the end of the video the iPhone 7 has had so much damage done to it that it does not work at all. The iPhone is even bent where it has been put through the roller multiple times. The whole of the inside of the iPhone is damaged from where it caught smoke and almost caught fire.

Each video that Tech Rax makes just get’s crazier and crazier. He certainly has a good mixture of original and creative ideas. Some other examples of videos that he has done are covering an iPhone 7 in toothpaste and cleaning an iPhone 7 with snails. The mixture of original and creative videos is a good balance as some people like to see how old technology effects new technology. But there is also people who like to see original ideas that people may have thought of befoe but never tried.

by Asia Walker