iPhone 7 VS Molten Gold

molton gold


Ever wondered what would happen to an iPhone 7 if hot molten gold was poured on to it? Molten gold is essentially melted gold when a metal is molten it means that it becomes a liquid. The melting point of gold is 1064 degrees Celsius which isn’t the hottest temperature in the world but it will cause some damage. In this video we see YouTuber Tech Rax melt some gold which he then pours onto the iPhone 7.

You can see how hot the molten gold is by the colour of the test tube which is glowing from the heat. As soon as the liquid touches the iPhone 7 the screen begins to dissolve as it’s overtaken by a black shadow. You can see that the iPhone starts to open apps as the black shadow begins to spread out. It still works as Tech Rax presses the home button which brings up the home screen. This indicates that at this moment in time the molten gold has only affected the top layer and possibly the LCD but it hasn’t reached the motherboard yet which is why the iPhone is still operating.

However, you can’t use the iPhone as you cannot use the touchscreen to swipe left or right. The molten gold is then taken off the screen but as soon as the pressure has gone the iPhone begins to malfunction. You can see that the iPhone begins to open loads of apps in the background as well as the home button function stops working.

You can still use the iPhone on the parts where the black isn’t covering the screen. This does limit you to what you can do on the iPhone. The iPhone still works as you can see a video being played on the device. Pouring melted molten gold onto an iPhone leaves you is with a half working that is no use to anyone as it cannot function properly.



by Asia Walker