Inside Intel’s VR Hardware Lab

inside a factory

Intel is well known for making chips that go into computers or laptops. In this video, you can see what it’s really like inside an Intel factory. A lot of their products are tested by robots which comes as no surprise as they are a technology company. In this video, we can see them testing a VR headset which is tested at various different stations to make sure that the headset is ready to be released for consumers to purchase it.

All of the tests that they carry out are to ensure that the VR headset will work properly. For example, if you are in a game where you have to shoot things then they make sure that it is possible for you to do that. Without these tests, the VR headset may not function as well as it should do.

In order to make sure that the VR headset is ready to be released to consumers, it needs to be fully tested as there are many aspects of the headset that need to sync with other aspects of it. It’s always fascinating seeing the inside of a factory especially a technology one as you can really see how your tech is made. This video gives a great insight to see what happens in an Intel factory.

It would have been good to see a consumer using the headset at the end of the video to see the end product. However, having some of the employees talk about what is going on in the video was helpful as without them you may not know what was happening. The robotic hands are just a sign that even in factories more and more machines are used to build other machines. We now live in a world where humans are doing less manual labour and instead are just there to control the machines.

by Asia Walker