What if the internet collapsed?!


The internet is something that we all rely on whether it’s to make calls, send emails, look up directions or finding out what the weather is. But what would happen if it collapsed? First of all you wouldn’t be able to communicate with anyone. Unless we went back to writing letters and using messengers. Work would have to stop while companies figure out how to communicate with their customers and other businesses.

Cellphone reception would be out the window as the cables & satellites that used to support the wireless phone service wouldn’t work without internet. Emails wouldn’t work which means that communication wouldn’t be quick and easy as it is now. You wouldn’t be able to use any of your social media accounts so communicating worldwide would be a lot of hard work. If you wanted to find something out then you would have to read a book instead of just looking it up online.

If you like to spend your time watching TV, YouTube, playing video games or doing anything on electronic devices then the chances are you will need the internet to do this. Food would be massively effected as food would fly off the shelves. Food manufacturers use the internet to monitor and order their supplies from all over the world.

The production of food would stop which would create a ripple effect meaning that there was no food on the shelves. Of course the most obvious thing that would happen is that people would panic because of the uncertainty of what would happen. The lack of information would create panic as humans don’t like not knowing what is going to happen. The economy would be effected as people wouldn’t be able to use their credit or debit cards. They wouldn’t be able to withdraw any money from the cash machines as they need the internet to function.


by Asia Walker