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iPhone 5C Screen Repairs

– One Year Warranty

– 30 Minutes

– While You Wait

– Only £69

Call Us: 020 3397 7407





One-Year Warranty

included as standard

About The Phone Heroes

A cracked or broken screen does not have to be an expensive mistake.

Phone Heroes can repair your broken iPhone 5C screen within 20 minutes and includes a One Year Warranty. Instead of sending your iPhone away and paying over the odds, drop by our Earl’s Court station shop to get your iPhone 5C screen fixed on the spot while you wait!

There’s no need to book but, if you’ prefer to keep waiting to a minimum, you can book a prearranged time for your screen repair by completing our online form or by calling the Phone Heroes London team on 020 3397 7407 .So what are you waiting for?  There’s no need to put up with that broken screen any longer!

Call Phone Heroes today on 020 3397 7407 or drop us an email at info@phoneheroeslondon.co.uk

If you don’t live close to either our Earl’s Court station outlet or Hendon repair center, don’t despair!  You can also send us your phone for repair by either post or courier service.  Before you do this, please call the Phone Heroes team on 020 3397 7407 for some advice about sending your phone to us – we don’t want it to get more damaged or lost in transit and can probably give you some useful advice about how to make damage or loss less likely.

Our postal iPhone 5C screen repair service costs the same price as our walk-in screen repair services: £69 and even includes our One Year Warranty.