iPhone 7 VS The Tallest Building In The World

iPhone vs highest building in the world

The iPhone 7 has only been out just over a month and now this guy wants to throw it off the world’s tallest building which is The Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Will it survive the fall? Watch the video to see if it does. The iPhone 7 was released mid September and has been popular since it’s release date. Unlike the other iPhones you get more storage with the iPhone 7 as it starts at 32GB and goes up to 256GB. However, the Jet Black and the red iPhone 7’s start at 128GB.

The iPhone 7 weighs 138 grams and has a 4.7″ retina HD display. It has a 1334×750-pixel resolution, dual-domain pixels for wide viewing angles & display zoom. It has the latest A10 Fusion Chip with a 64-bit architecture. It also has an M10 motion coprocessor embedded.

The camera is 12MP and you can zoom up to 5 times. In addition to this the camera has body and face detection, exposure control, noise reduction, burst mode, timer mode and much more. You can record video in 4K and you can stabilise your video with a feature that is in the camera settings.

The fingerprint sensor is built into the home button itself. It has up to 2 more hours battery life than the iPhone 6s and can be left on standby for up to 10 days. Like all of the other iPhone models it already has a wide range of built in apps that you can use such as camera, photos, messages, phone, facetime, mail, music etc…

As the building is so high up and with the weather it’s hard to predict where the iPhone will land. This is why we could not see the end result as the iPhone could have landed anywhere. It is a risky thing to do especially from high up as it could have landed on a car or even a person. At a high speed that will surely hurt a lot if it hit you on the head.

by Asia Walker