iPhone 7 Rumors We Have Heard About

iPhone 7

With Apple set to release their newest iPhone next week we take a look at all of the rumors surrounding it. We all know that as soon as a new product is released by Apple rumors about the next product start to emerge.  Which ones are true and which ones are false no one knows until the product itself is released by Apple. What we do know is that Apple like to combine both old and new features. We thought that we would compile some of the rumors that we have heard in to one blog post.

The name
We aren’t entirely sure what the name of the new iPhone will be called as many believe that it is going to be called the iPhone 7. Apple’s invitation for the launch next Tuesday backs this theory up even further as it simply states “See You On The 7th”. However others have claimed that it could be called the iPhone 6SE, iPhone 7 Pro or the iPhone Pro. This could be because the iPhone itself is unlike anything they have created before. Therefore Apple may want to change the name of it completely.



No Headphone Jack
One of the most talked about rumors is that there is going to be no headphone jack. Whether this is the case or not no one knows until the 7th. If there is indeed no headphone jack several solutions have already been created. One solution is that you can still use wired headphones that will connect to the iPhone via the charging port. This will mean that the connector could be the same design as your Apple charger.

Griffin on the other hand, have designed the iTrip Clip which is an adaptor that allows you to still use any 3.5mm headphones that you may already own. You simply have to plug your headphones into the device which then connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. As the material, used is lightweight and the design of it is a clip you can easily clip it on to your clothing . Retailing at £19 this could be the new solution to any smartphone that does not have a headphone jack.

Larger storage space
One rumor that has been flying around is that the iPhone 7 may have a larger storage capacity than any of the other iPhones. Some people have suggested that storage would start at 32GB and go up to 256GB. If this is true then this will please a lot of Apple customers as the standard 16GB was never enough for some. Having a larger storage capacity to begin with will entice more people to buy the new device.

iphone 7 no home button

Removal of the home button

There have been talks that Apple are going to remove the home button. Some have suggested that they will keep the fingerprint ID but they will build the sensor in to the screen itself. The home button is a massive part of the device so will the removal of it be more beneficial to users or not? On the other hand we have heard that Apple is not going to be removing the home button but simply replacing it with a pressure sensitive button instead.

Many believe that Apple’s new iPhone will be very similar to the iPhone 6s in terms of the size and design. The new iPhone will have a 4.7-inch display whereas larger iPhone will have a 5.5-inch display. Some people reckon that they will continue to use an aluminium body like they have done on the iPhone 6s. One suggestion is that the colour range of the new iPhone has expanded as there has been images of space black and a metallic blue coloured iPhones appearing on the internet. If this is true then we like the idea of a metallic blue coloured iPhone.

In addition to this there are rumors that the camera will be different. We have heard that the rear-facing camera will have a 12mp camera whereas the larger smartphone may have two of these cameras. The theory of a dual camera has been speculated by multiple sources some of which have even got mock up images of what a dual camera could look like. Some other features that may be added are it being water resistant, improved stereo speaker and larger battery capacity.

The rumors surrounding the new iPhone are endless and new ones arise every day as the launch gets closer and closer. No one is 100% certain what the new iPhone will look, feel or be like. For now we can only speculate what the final model is going to be. We will just have to wait until Tuesday 7th now to finally see what Apple has in store for us.

by Asia Walker