Can the iPhone 7 survive boiling HOT water?

iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 is supposed to be waterproof but can it handle boiling hot water. Watch this guy test out this theory as he places a brand new iPhone 7 in to a pan of boiling water. The pan has boiling hot water which he places the iPhone 7 into whilst playing a YouTube video.

The iPhone 7 lasts a few seconds before the screen goes black. It is then left to cool down and start working again before being placed back into the boiling pan. This time the iPhone goes black once again but a warning sign is shown on the iPhone saying that the “iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it”.

The iPhone itself seems to be working fine as if it was never put into the hot water in the first place. We wouldn’t recommend trying this at home as it is quite dangerous and could damage your iPhone. The guy who does this often experiments with different materials to see if they effect the particular smartphone. Some examples, of previous videos that he has posted on his YouTube are pouring molten gold onto an iPhone 7, trapping an iPhone 7 in rubber and pouring coca-cola onto an iPhone 7.

It seems like the materials used by this particular YouTuber are endless and there are bound to be many more videos uploaded over the next few months which are unique and original. Being able to test different smartphones with various materials is a cool job and any tech geek would jump at the chance to be able to do this.

Knowing that you can just destroy an iPhone and be given a replacement to then destroy again is a technological scientists dream. I wouldn’t still use the iPhone 7 after it had been put in boiling water just in case some issues arise later on as you can never tell with liquid damage.

by Asia Walker