Here Are 5 Affordable James Bond Gadgets

Here at Phone Heroes, we’re all pretty excited to see the announcement about the next James Bond’s film, Spectre.  We love our gadgets, so were excited to see the Aston Martin DB10, designed especially for the film.

The DB10 won’t be available to consumers, however.  Aston Martin plans only to make ten and they will be exclusively used for filming.  Which is a shame if your Christmas shopping budget does stretch to a few hundred thousand pounds.  For the rest of us, we’ll have to content ourselves with the Bond technologies that have made it to the production line…


  1. The Shoe with the Heel Compartment

As seen in Goldfinger (1964).  Sean Connery might have stored homing beacons in his heel, but fifty years of technological innovation later and you can keep a firestarter and wet cubes in yours!

hiking boot with heel compartment

The Rocky S2V Substratum hiking boot gives you the tools you need to start a fire when you get caught stranded in the wilderness.  Really, though, should a secret agent really be relying on wet cubes?

If that doesn’t float your boat, perhaps you fancy a more feminine take on the secret compartment shoe?  Double Agent shoes look nigh on impossible to walk in – not ideal for a secret agent – but, by gosh, you can stash a lot of lipstick in that heel!

heel compartment shoe

  1. The Underwater Camera

In Thunderball (1965) Sean Connery is able to take underwater pictures of Largo’s nefarious activities using a special camera with built-in Geiger counter.  It might not have a Geiger counter, but the Go-Pro Hero cameras are waterproof up to 40m and have a range of dive filters for optimum image quality.  They definitely make it to our Christmas wish list!  In photography at least, the fifty years of technological innovation between Bond film and today’s Christmas lists have paid off.

underwater camera



  1. The Communication Wrist Watch

Roger Moore uses a modified Seiko Duo-Time wristwatch in 1981’s For Your Eyes Only.  In fact, the device has a starring role in the film’s cheesy finale.  Thirty-three years later, you can get your mitts on a walkie-talkie wrist watch complete with retro 80s’ styling for just £100, but in today’s world of smart wearable tech even that price tag seems a little steep.

walkie talkie wrist watch



  1. The Jet Pack

Perhaps the ultimate James Bond gadget!  Sean Connery employs the Rocket Belt to escape to his waiting DB5 in Thunderball.  We only had to wait another nineteen years to see them again in amazing opening ceremony of the 1984 Los Angeles’ Olympics.  Another thirty years on and, while you may not be able to fly a jetpack just yet, you can pre-order one from Martin Jetpack.

jet pack


Although it will set you back the price of an Aston Martin… Perhaps this example from Not on the High Street is a more realistic alternative…?


  1. Underwater Breathing Gear

tankless underwater breathing

Let’s face it, tankless diving is so James Bond.  Sean Connery did it in Thunderball in 1965 and then again in You Only Live Twice in 1967.  And Daniel Craig could have probably done with Connery’s miniature breathing gear in 2006’s Casino Royale.  Now an innovative South Korean designer has come up with the ultimate Bond-style tankless diving gadget, which takes the oxygen from the surrounding seawater.  Sadly, it’s just a prototype at the moment so it’s not a goer for this year’s list… maybe next year…?


Which Bond gadget would you like to see make it to the high street?  Most of the best gadgets are a little explosive for many practical everyday uses… have you got any ideas about how they could be put to more productive use?  Share your ideas with us below – we’d love to hear your Bond wish list!


To whet your appetite you can see the Spectre announcement here:

by Fran