Cycle Safely With Lumos

lumos bike helmet

Being a cyclist can be a great thing as it can get you from A to B a lot quicker than a car or a train ride. However, it can also be very dangerous especially in built up cities like London. Lumos Helmet have decided to come up with a bicycle helmet that will not only protect your head but also your overall safety. It has indicators on the back that you can activate from pressing a button on your handlebars.

You can choose whether you are going left,right or straight on. As you have lights on your helmet you don’t have to worry about your lights being stolen off your bike whenever you leave it somewhere. The lumos bike helmet is water resistant, has turn signals incorporated into it, integrated lights, automatic break lights and a rechargeable battery.

Cyclists should be able to take control of their safety easily. However, we have found that cyclists often forget to turn their lights on, forget them at home or lose them completely. Therefore, they are increasing the danger that they are in as they cycle down each road. It protects the cyclist as at the back of the helmet there are a set of lights that change when you choose a different setting. For example, when a cyclist presses the left button then the helmet will show a signal saying that they are turning left.

It’s super easy to use all you have to do is turn it on, wear it, pick the setting you need whenever you are changing direction and then ride. There’s a triangle at the back that lights up red to make drivers aware that there is a cyclist in front of them. In addition to this on the front of the helmet there are lights that light up so that on coming traffic can see the cyclist as well.

It has automatic break lights that have an integrated accelerometer which measures when you are slowing down and automatically turns on the break lights. It has a rechargeable battery that you can charge by using a cable. An example, of the charge is if you use the helmet everyday for 30 minutes with the lights then it will last about a week.

This device could really improve the safety of cyclists in London as it helps both the cyclist and the driver. I really like the idea of it and I think that every cyclist should have one as it can be so dangerous sometimes even just cycling down the road.

by Asia Walker