2016 MacBook Pro VS First Apple Laptop

old computer vs new

Ever wondered what the first MacBook is like compared to the one which was released just weeks ago. Here’s a video explaining the differences between the two. The Mackintosh Portable was released in September 1989 and was designed to be a very powerful and portable computer. However, the Mackintosh Portable is known for being one of the worst laptops created by Apple and here’s why.

The Apple Mackintosh was 4″ thick and weighed 16 pounds which meant that it wasn’t very portable at all. Porters complained that their backs ached after having to transport the laptop to and from locations. The reason why it was so heavy was because of the lead-acid batteries that were inside the laptop. However, the batteries were important because the laptop could not run on AC power meaning if the battery died you could not use your laptop.

The laptop itself was made up of a screen, keyboard and a battery pack. One half of the laptop is the battery pack which also has the handle attached to it. The other half is the keyboard and the screen which you unclip and flip up to make it look more like a laptop. In the late 80s you could buy the laptop for around $7,300 which is a high price for a laptop. However, if you wanted to get ahold of one yourself then it would cost you a mere $14,000. The new MacBook Pro is only around $3,000 which is massively cheaper compared to the first Mackintosh.

The old Mackintosh had a screen that was 9.8″ big whereas the MacBook has a screen that is 15.4″ big. The resolution is also a lot different as the Mackintosh has a resolution of 640×400 whereas the MacBook has a resolution of 2880×1800. We all know that the newer MacBooks have extremely ultra crisp screens. When it comes to RAM the Mackintosh has 1GB of RAM whereas the MacBook has a minimum of 16GB of RAM.

There is no doubt that the differences in the laptops is huge as Apple has changed their laptops with each new release. Everytime Apple has released a new laptop there are always several things that are new or have been improved from previous versions of the laptop.

by Asia Walker