Here’s a look at the MacBook Pro’s touch bar

New MacBook

Apple have released their new MacBook Pro. In this video, you can see reporters from Digital Trends take a look at the laptop as well as testing it out. The first feature that they notice is that the touchpad is a lot larger especially for the MacBook Pro as it’s 2x larger than previous MacBooks. The keyboard is the same apart from the additional touch bar which sits at the top of the keypad.

In the right-hand corner of the touch bar, there is a darker part where the touch ID sensor sits. On the touch bar, you can change different aspects of your MacBook such as the brightness of the screen as well as bringing up all of the apps on your MacBook Pro. You can use the touch bar for quite a few of the different applications. Such as the photo album application for example, once you have opened it up you can use the touch bar to go through your images by swiping left or right. You can even make adjustments to your images by cropping them or increasing the brightness of them by using the touch bar.

The touch bar aspect of the MacBook is the main change to this MacBook compared to other models. To buy your own MacBook Pro you are looking at spending around a minimum of £1,250 just for the laptop. For any extras, you will have to pay for them such as more storage or having a faster laptop.

Considering the normal MacBook is around £1,250 as well getting the one with the touch bar is for those who want to experience a laptop that is a bit more high tech. The normal MacBook is perfectly fine for your everyday person who just wants to use it for work or play. But those who really want a laptop with all of these new functions should go for the MacBook Pro.

by Asia Walker