Mercedes-Benz have designed a futuristic bus

Mercedes futuristic bus

Mercedes-Benz have designed a bus for the future. It can drive itself and takes in to account factors such as when the road bends or when the traffic lights change colour. This is a step up from the normal buses which have had a similar design for a long time.

Mercedes-Benz wanted to create a more futuristic bus so that it meets the needs of the modern technological world. Although the bus itself can drive itself without needing a human Mercedez-Benz have decided to still have humans sat at the will in case they need to take over.

The interior design is much more spacious and the design of the seats are less cramped together and have more of a modern feel. You can also charge your smartphone by simply placing it upon one of the chargeable surfaces. There are sensors that surround the bus so that it detects any movement such as a person running in front of the bus. The bus will wait until it is safe to move off before continuing on it’s journey.

The bus was road tested in Amsterdam to make sure that it would be safe enough to implement on the real roads. It can only go up to a top speed of 43mph and it is capable of accelerating, steering and breaking. As the bus has an on-board GPS system which will allow it to position itself accurately when at a bus stop for example.


by Asia Walker