A Moneybox That Has It’s Own Face

Face money box

Sometimes technology can produce things that are unique and slightly weird. This moneybox is different to others as it moves when you put the money inside. It’s a little freaky as it’s quite unusual and many people wouldn’t think that it was a moneybox. You can buy the moneybox with a face from various online websites. It ranges from £5 – £16 depending on where you buy it from.

The moneybox from the back just looks like a regular one as you can open it to collect your money. The uniqueness is at the front of the money box which has a face sort of like a monkey. The mouth of the monkey is where you deposit your money to put it into your bank. However, when you go to put the money in there is a sensor that wakes up the moneybox.

The face then begins to move as you put it in as if its trying to eat the money. It is a very weird concept and would be quite a shock to those who may recieve one. However, it’s also quite a fun and very different money box. Tech fans would love the idea as it’s a product created within the tech industry. You can create almost anything nowadays as there are much more resources available.

The ability to create something weird and wonderful nowadays is a lot easier as consumers are more open to a product that is unusual. Money banks are items that have been around for years as many people would use jars up until the creation of the piggy bank. Ever since then piggy banks have evolved from being ceramic pigs that you put your coins into and can now be anything from telephone boxes to robots. Every child will have at least one piggy bank for their pocket money but this money bank is directed more towards adults or tech lovers.

by Asia Walker