Nokia 3310 VS Tank

Nokia 310 vs tank

Can the Nokia 3310 better known as “the brick phone” handle being run over by a tank? Watch this video to find out to see if the Nokia 3310 survives or not. The Nokia 3310 was first released back in 2000 and was a popular phone as the battery lasted a long time and the device was pretty durable making it popular among those who were clumsier than others.

The mobile device itself is pretty basic as it enables you to perform the basic functions such as making phone calls or texting. It does not give you the option to take photos or video call as the device doesn’t have a camera built in. Although it was discontinued in 2005, 21 million handsets were sold which shows just how popular the mobile device was.

The 3310 was popular for SMS text messaging because it allowed long messages three times the size of a standard SMS text message, at 459 characters. Therefore, users wanted to get the mobile phone just for this reason. Being able to send longer messages was a big step in mobile devices as you were limited on the number of characters that you could use.

What was appealing to a lot of people was that you could customise your Nokia 3310 as you could customise the back by changing the colour of the casing. As the casing was just plastic it was easy to remove and replace with another colour. This was an exciting feature to many mobile users as many other devices were not customisable.

Recently the Nokia 3310 was redesigned and brought back to life by HDM Global who released a newer version of the device in February of this year. It costs around £44.99 however, people are selling them for over £999 on eBay. You can get them from eBay or Carphone Warehouse and they come in a range of colours such as yellow, red, grey and black.

by Asia Walker