Samsung Terminates Production of The Note 7

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Samsung have announced that they will not be producing any more of the Note 7. The Note 7 was supposed to be a positive enter back into the smartphone market. However, it has now landed the South Korean company in deep water after customers had experienced their phones exploding.


Samsung had issues with their first batch which they had to recall as customers said that they had ended up exploding or catching on fire all over the world. They later sent replacement phones out to their customers which continued to cause issues.

After releasing a statement saying that they are going to “adjust production” Samsung have decided not to release the phone at all anymore. This is a great loss for Samsung as their customers may decide to go elsewhere such as Apple to get a smartphone instead. This could cause Samsung a massive loss both in terms of reputation and finance.

They have chosen to pause production “for the sake of consumer safety”. In a statement released by Samsung they said “Putting consumer safety as the top priority, we have reached a final decision to halt production of Galaxy Note 7s.”. We have now found out that this decision is permanent and that no more Note 7s will be produced in the future.

Samsung were hoping that the Note 7 would rival Apple and that it would give the iPhone 7 a good run for it’s money. Many tech individuals predicted that Samsung would eventually recall all Note 7s and could possibly hault production as the disruption that it caused was huge.

If you owned a Note 7 then you could not predict whether your smartphone would be safe or whether it would end up exploding whilst you slept or when it was in your pocket. The unpredictability of the smartphone has left a cloud over Samsung as to whether their next Note will be much better or whether the same problems will continue to happen.

by Asia Walker