PS4 Pro vs PS4 Slim

The PS4 pro console vs the PS4 slim console

Sony released not one but two versions of the PlayStation 4 in September. The PS4 Pro and the Ps4 Slim were both released at the same time. The PS4 Slim is a revised version of the original PS4 whereas the PS4 Pro is an updated version of the PS4. You can currently get the PS4 Pro online at Argos for £349.99 whereas the PS4 Slim is currently £239.99.

The main differences between the two consoles are their specifications…

The Playstation 4 slim has:

8-Core Jaguar CPUat 1.6GHz

1.84 Teraflop AMD GPU, 8GB GDDR5 RAM

500GB Hard Drive


Whereas the PlayStation 4 pro has:

8-Core Jaguar CPU at 2.1GHz

4.2 Teraflop AMD GPU, 8GB GDDR5 + 1GB DDR3 ram

1TB Hard Drive


This gives the PS4 pro a 30% boost in CPU performance and a 100% greater GPU performance over the PS4 slim. The extra 1GB RAM that the PS4 Pro has is used for apps allowing games to have extra memory. The power consumption is different between the two as the PS4 Slim consumes 265 watts whereas the PS4 Pro consumes 310 watts.

Both consoles can have their hard drives upgraded if that is something you would want to have done. They both have a Blu-ray disk drive as well as ethernet, bluetooth and a 5GH wi-fi connectivity. The Ps4 Pro and the PS4 Slim both support HD however the PS4 pro can also support 4K in addition to HDR.

The consoles are slightly different in size as the PS4 slim is slightly smaller than the PS4 pro which is to be expected. You are only able to purchase both consoles in black at the moment however colourful skins are available to brighten up your console. You will be able to play many 4K games on the PS4 Pro as lots of them have been upgraded so that they can be played in this form.

by Asia Walker