Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumours

Samsung s8


Samsung have released previous models at the MWC (Mobile World Congress) such as the S5 and the S6. However, it is looking like they are more likely to release the S8 sometime in March instead at a New York City event. This means that it will be available in stores around April time. This is slightly later than they normally release their smartphones. However, Samsung will probably want to make sure that the S8 is completely ready to launch before it is released as they don’t want a repeat of the Note 7.The rumors have been saying that there will be two sets of screens again. This time they will be more flat and may have double curves on both smartphones. There will probably be two screen sizes again such as the S7 and then the S7 Edge.

One screen will be more cost effective and reasonable in price. There are rumours that the second screen may have a 4K screen although this seems a bit excessive. Samsung may have the option to change the screen from 4K to normal. This makes it easier for users to change the screen when they are playing a virtual reality game for example.

Another rumour that has been going around is that Samsung will remove the physical home button. It could be moved to the side of the smartphone or underneath it. However, whether or not Samsung will go through with this change we don’t know yet. There have been prototypes that have been created which have included this new design.
Samsung like to keep the process of getting into the smartphone quick and easy so we can’t quite see them changing this aspect just yet. One other rumour is that the smartphone will come with an iris scanner that will allow you to use your eyes to open the smartphone.

In terms of the cameras the rumours have not been clear entirely. Samsung could be improving their cameras so that the quality is better as the S7 & the S7 Edge had amazing cameras. Some rumours have said that the camera may have an 80mp camera. The only way that this would be possible is if a combination of things are used.


by Asia Walker