Selfie Drones Are A Thing!

selfie drone

The most exciting tech to make it on to Phone Heroes’ radar this year has to be nixie – the yet-to-make-it-out-of-development mash up of three trends currently buzzing the tech world: wearable, selfie and drone.

nixie is a little helicopter that unfolds off your wrist to take the perfect selfie (or ‘dronie’) for you.  The wrist straps unfold to create the drone which will fly off and hover above you to take the perfect new profile pic.


It took one step closer to production this year and gained international press attention when it won Intel’s Make it Wearable initiative and a prize of $500k.

You can see the prototype in action here:

Sadly, nixie is still a just protoytpe and hasn’t yet made it to production but we’re hoping with the investment from Intel and subsequent media attention, it won’t be too long before we’re no longer taking our own selfies (that’s the job of our wearable drone – duh!)  But if you simply can’t wait to make an investment in narcissistic selfie-tech then there are other options out there, provided you don’t mind that they’re not wearable.


You can get your hands on a tiny quadcopter for as little as £50.  These Hubsan ‘selfie drones’ are simply remote controlled helicopters with a camera – great for taking the kind of photos its hoped Nixie will deliver and fun toy to drive too!

At the top end of this market, French automotive infotainment manufacturer Parrot has come up with this amazing BeBop drone.  The main difference with this camera-copter is that you control it via an App rather than the battery-powered remote controller the Hubsan selfie drone requires.  Plus, the generally souped up tech and 14 megapixel camera with 180° field.  The camera is controlled via the ‘Freeflight 3’ App but is completely independent from the drone movements.

parrot bebop drone

We love this lightweight model with AMS reinforced structure, GPS and 2 dual-band Wi-Fi antennas that allows it to handle both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz MIMO frequencies as well as generating its own Wi-Fi 802.11 network. Its navigation computer features a Parrot P7 dual-core CPU, quad-core GPU and 8 GB of Flash Memory and runs Linux.

The BeBop would be our choice, but the drone market is a surprisingly large – and quickly growing – one.  When nixie finally makes it on to the shelves, we think it’s going to find itself in a competitive market.

by Esther