Senstone Wearable Voice Recorder


Have you ever said something that you didn’t note down and wish you had? I’ve done that plenty of times. With the help of the new Senstone which is a wearable recording device you can now record your thoughts there and then. All you have to do is tap the device to begin recording and then tap it again to stop recording. You can use the device for many different functions such as sending a text to your friends.

The device is about the size of a broach and can easily be clipped onto you or can be put onto a necklace. The data is then transferred from the device to an app on your smartphone. The device is not only a voice recorder but can type out what you have said. Then you can edit what you said and share it with others.

The moment that you record something it is synced to the app on your smartphone and uploaded to the cloud. Your recordings are then converted into text by extracting keywords & analysing your speech patterns. Although the gadget has been tested it is not due to be available for purchase until September.  However, some will be available in July for early birds.

As the gadget will need connection to sync your recordings from the device to the if you ever lose connection it will hold your recordings until it can sync them again. At the moment the gadget is in the middle of collecting funds for it all to go ahead. If they recieve enough funds then we will be sure to see this handy gadget on the market in no time. This will surely help many of us when we have to remember but nowhere to write them down. It can be used for the smallest of things such as noting down your shopping list or even dates you need to remember.

by Asia Walker