Siri’s RespondsTo GOT Questions

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The TV show Game of Thrones has been a huge success so far that even Siri knows about it! We came across some vines and screenshots of conversations Siri has had relating to the popular TV series that we just had to share with you. We are big fans of the show here at Phone Heroes and are pretty impressed with some of the responses Siri had.

If you don’t already know what Game of Thrones is then it’s an American fantasy drama. The whole series is filmed all over the world in locations such as the United Kingdom, Croatia, Iceland, Malta, Morocco, Spain, and the United States. It currently has six seasons with the seventh due to be released in 2017. The show itself has grown vastly with the sixth season having an average of 7.69 million views compared to the 2.52 million views of the first season. No doubt the seventh season will have a higher amount of views as there are only a couple of seasons left.

First things first does Siri actually watch Game of Thrones?

A Lannister must have lots of debts to pay back

The weather report in Westeros is still unclear

Siri game of thrones winter

Are you aware there’s a house called Apple in GOT?

Siri game of thrones Apple house

Is John Snow dead or not?

Siri Jon Snow

Hodor is one of our favourite characters from the show

Siri game of thrones Hodor

We now know that Siri is a fan of the HBO series which continues to grow in popularity as each episode is released. I’m sure there will be many other Siri Game of Thrones conversations in the future as the season progresses. It’s always fun to have a conversation with Siri as you never know what the response will be. As each new season is brought out I’m sure that we will see more of these conversations with Siri about Game of Thrones.

Have you tried asking Siri about Game of Thrones?

by Asia Walker