The Smallest Smartphone In The World?!

From a far this may look like an Apple watch however it’s actually a smartphone. You can insert a sim card into the back of it to be able to call people from it. It can allow you to send messages, check the weather, use Facebook and even make calls. It is currently the smallest touch screen smartphone in the world.

Although there is a big market for high-tech smartphones that can do everything there is equally a big market for smaller devices that can do the same amount of activities as sometimes top branded smartphones can be seen as a luxury item when most of us just want a device that will get the job done. The Vphone S8 is about the size of a matchbox and has a 1.54-inch TFT touchscreen, that has a 2.5D curved glass around it to protect it.

It’s not the highest quality as it only costs around £27.54 so for that price you can’t expect the quality that you get from an iPhone. The smartphone has an unlock button, a charging port, a sim card, a microphone and a speaker. The Vphone S8 is 46.7 mm x 37.3 mm x 9.9 mm in terms of size and only weighs 30 grams. You can either get the smartphone in black or grey depending on what colour you prefer.

As it is a smartphone it can do all of the things a usual smartphone does without having to be connected to another smartphone or a tablet. It has a 64MB RAM and 128MB ROM you can obviously increase the amount of storage space by putting an 8GB for example into the T-flash card slot. At the moment the smartphone only supports 2G with hopes that it may increase to 4G one day.

Overall for the price that you are paying the smartphone that you get is not bad at all. It functions as well as any other smartphone can. Of course there are restrictions to what you can do on there and the available coverage settings. However, if you are looking for a basic smartphone to keep costs down then this may be the one for you.