Use Your Smartphone To Track Your Health


Don’t have time to always go to the doctors for a health check up? You can see how healthy you are straight from your smartphone with the body cardio smart digital scale that connects to an app on your phone. This scale not only tracks your body weight it also takes into account your BMI plus body fat, water percentage, muscle mass and bone mass. It gives you the most accurate weight and BMI plus body fat than any other scale gives. You can easily follow your heart’s health at home as well as your family members.


The app provides all of this data for you so that you can track it over a particular time period to see if anything changes. It’s really convenient for those who don’t have time to visit their local doctor as it only takes 5 minutes to complete. You can also use the app to set yourself personal goals. The app will then continue to remind you and motivate you until you reach the goal that you have set.

Your data is available to view 24/7 as well as your history. This means that you can see what works and what doesn’t and adjust your routine to make a positive impact on your body. The scales themselves are only 0.7inches thick which makes it the thinnest scale available at the moment. The design of it makes it easy to be used on any surface.

The health mate within the app continues to help you every step of the way. It provides you with tips and encouragement every step of the way. When the scales are connected to your wifi it provides a daily local weather forecast. It’s safe to use for the whole family and you only need to charge it once for it to last a year.

by Asia Walker