Create 360º images On Your Smartphone

A pod that lets you create 360 photos


This is the Bubble Pod that allows you to create 360º images on your smartphone which you can upload directly to Facebook. You simply slot your phone into the device which turns the phone 360º at a pace that allows the camera to capture everything. You have to download an app onto your smartphone which allows you to create the image. You simply place your smartphone into the device, hit go on the app and then wait until your image is ready for you to upload straight to Facebook. Bubble Pod makes capturing a 360º photo smooth, fun and easy.

The device itself is a clockwork turntable which rotates your phone smoothly and silently. It takes away any human errors that could be made such as shaky hands. You can sit back and relax while it creates the perfect 360º image for you. You can currently buy it for £15.00 over on the Bubble Pod website. It would be a great gift for any keen photographer or just a stocking filler for your friends or family.

All you have to do is rotate the pod to wind it up then open the app up and then press the button to begin the process. As the phone spins on the Bubble Pod the app creates an image using the smartphone’s camera and stitches each image together to create one whole image. You don’t need to touch up the photo afterwards as the final image has a high resolution.

You can use it for business or personal use or to capture a landscape or cityscape. It can be used by both Apple and iPhone users as the app is available to download on both the App store and the Play store.It’s lightweight and easy to transport making it a fun thing to take away with you on holiday. If you wanted a bigger picture you can purchase the wide angle lens that increases the field of view from 60º to 120º.


by Asia Walker