Snapchat’s New Spectacles

snapchat spectacles

Snapchat have now released a pair of sunglasses that can create snaps for you. You can use your smartphone to connect to them wirelessly making it easier to snap on the go. But how do they work? All you have to do is pair your Snapchat spectacles to your Snapchat account. As soon as you press the button on the left hand side of the glasses it records 10 second video. You can record a 20 or 30 second video by pressing the button again.

The inside of the lens light up when you are recording so that others know they are being recorded as well. As soon as you record something on your spectacles the videos are stored in your memories on your Snapchat. Once you have chosen which video you want to use from your memories you can then customise the snap by adding stickers or words to your memory.

You don’t need to have your phone around to store the data from your spectacles. They can store videos on their own without you having to transfer them to your phone. The charging case that comes with them can re-charge the spectacles up to 4 times before you need to charge the case up.

If you don’t want to stick to the standard black spectacles you can choose from coral or teal. They currently retail for £129.99 which includes the spectacles, charging case, charging cable and a cleaning cloth. If you happen to lose your charging case then you can pick a new one up for £49.99 or you can buy a new cable for £9.99.

For all of the avid snapchatters out there these spectacles will certainly make your content a lot more creative as you can see things from a different perspective. You can Snapchat on the go without having to use your mobile device which can be dangerous at times.

by Asia Walker