South Korea’s VR Cafe’s

VR CAFE in Korea

We have all heard of cat or dog cafes but have you ever heard of a VR cafe? This VR cafe in Seoul, South Korea is one of the first of it’s kind. You just have to purchase a drink or something to eat to play on any of the VR games. Inside of the cafe, there are a number of HTC Vives as well as Oculus Rifts that you can play on. Some of them have VR motion rings to make the experience more realistic although these are mainly for the racing and thrill games.

The staff inside of the cafe want to make each person’s experience unique by adjusting the systems for each user and helping them to start off if they are unsure what to do. Although the games and hardware available weren’t the latest ones out in the market the chance to use them for the price of a cup of coffee certainly went down well. This particular VR cafe was the second one opened by this company in South Korea.

The owners main goals were to make the public aware of VR and what it was capable of. The same company have similar cafes for drones and toy robots where you can try them out while grabbing a coffee or something to eat. Whoever came up with this idea is clever as some members of the public may not be able to afford their own VR headset. However, with this combination of the two people can pay a small amount to use an expensive piece of technology for a short time.

If this was brought to London then I’m sure it would be very popular among the gamers here. We already love coffee and tea here in London but with the added chance of using VR headsets without having to pay an extra cost the experience would be popular among us.

by Asia Walker