Be More Productive With The Fidget Cube

fidget gadget

This cube is called the “Fidget Cube” which is a small toy that has been designed to help you fidget. Designers have said that it could result in a more productive workforce as it reduces the urge to fidget. It’s small so that it can fit into your pocket making it easy to transport everywhere with you. You’re not going to unlock anything secret by playing with the cube but you will get more work done. Not only will it be good for anyone with ADHD it also helps anyone who tends to fidget a lot. It was designed to help reduce the urge to fidget instead making it more normal and beneficial for the person.

The fidget cube itself has a number of different features which include:
One side that has 5 buttons – 3 that click and 2 that are silent
A button that is similar to a joystick on a gaming remote
A toggle switch that you can flip back and forth
An indented impression to rub that helps remove anxiety
A side with 3 gears that are similar to a lock on a briefcase
A circular feature that spins around

It would be a great present for any office worker as it can help boost someone’s productivity. At the time of this blog post they cost around £5 on Amazon depending on the colour and design that you wish to go for. These look like a great purchase to buy to keep on your desk just in case you should ever need it. We think that everyone should have one as they are a great addition to your desk. As you can get different colours and designs you are sure to find one to fit in with your desk’s design.  The fidget cube is a great invention and we think that it will be popular among many people. Just having one in your bag can be really handy at times.

by Asia Walker