The First Rolling Robot Porter: The Gita

gita robot

There’s no doubt that our future involves a lot of robots. We have seen many examples of robotic inventions over the last few years that can really make a difference to our every day life. Vespa’s brand owner, the Piaggio Group have designed a robot called The Gita which is your own personal porter. The robot itself is 22″ tall and has a smooth, shiny surface which has large rubber treads and various cameras to help the robot navigate. Inside the robot is a small compartment which you can open from the top that you can use to store things in. It can carry up to 40 pounds and you can put anything in there from your work bag to your food shopping.

The size of the storage space inside can fit a 14″ Notebook in comfortably as well as having extra room surrounding it. The robot can walk around both indoors and outdoors depending on where you need to go.The owner of the robot has to wear a special belt that connects to The Gita instead of it using GPS. The belt has cameras built in, which helps the Gita process where you are going.

The Gita makes sure to keep a good distance between itself and you while you are walking or running. However, when you stop it will come and stop close by to you. It still has four-six months of testing left before it’s made available to purchase. The Gita is mainly going to be used for corporate campuses, hospitals and stores to begin with.

Piaggio want to release something for the public to use also to save people from carrying shopping home or a heavy bag. The price of the robot is yet to be revealed as there is still more testing to be done. Whether or not the robot will be able to follow you just down the street or across town we will soon find out. This could be an exciting product that everyone can use that’s if the price is reasonable of course.

by Asia Walker