Technology Has Changed Live Theatre



Live theatre can be an exciting experience that can be shared with friends or family. However, with the help of technology this experience can be enhanced with bigger and better effects. This performance of The Tempest by The Royal Shakespeare Company shows how technology can really build the future of live theatre.

The Royal Shakespeare Company has teamed up with Intel and The Imaginarium Studio to create this futuristic live theatre performance. Technology has allowed the company to create “digital characters” that can be shown during the live show.  Actors and actresses can interact with the “digital character” during the show to create a realistic scene. However, unlike in movies and TV shows the character is not just a digital image. It’s actually a human wearing various technology that allows the “digital character” to move when the human does.

This allows  Ariel’s spontaneity to continue to an element that’s crucial for live theatre. The way that this particular technology works is by capturing the actors/actresses movements digitally as well as their facial movements. It then transmits these to the digital avatar and syncs them so that they happen at the same time. It took over a year for the technology which is called Ariel to be designed and produced.

Different departments have to work together to make sure that Ariel is incorporated into the show smoothly. This means that departments such as lighting, design and video need to make sure that the audience experience a smoothly run show. As the months pass by we are sure to see a rapid change within the world of live theatre as they incorporate more technology. This will allow theatre producers to create unique experiences for both the audience, actors & actresses and the producers of Ariel. It has opened a door that you can truly let your imagination run wild with.


by Asia Walker