Check Out Our Top 24 Worst Tech Tattoos!

wifes name in binary code

Tattoos are often a romantic gesture with people getting their loved ones inked on themselves in various designs. They can also be very meaningful as a lot of people remember their loved ones who have died by getting a tattoo which is significant to them. However in today’s blog post I am going to be sharing with you 24 of the WORST technology tattoos on the internet.

 24.  This guy must be clicking mad to get this on his neckTech tattoos various mouse cursors

23. Who knew thats how you spell twat in binaryTech tattoo binary code

22.  Ctrl + Alt + Del = What the ****Tech tattoo keyboard controls

21.This guy decided to get some html code tattooed onto his neck he obviously didn’t use his <brain> when he was getting it doneTech tattoo html code

20. Top points to this lad for the retro tech tat wonder how many birds hes pulled with this bad boy.Tech tattoo old computer

19. Another retro classic, unfortunately it looks like crapTech tattoo floppy disk

18.  Hi! I’m Clippy your arm assistant how may I help?Tech tattoo paper clip

17. Looks like this person wants to be sold as an electrical deviceTech tattoo barcode

16. Obviously wanting to draw more attention to his biceps this guy decides to put the old DVD logo there, t t t tragic Tech tattoo DVD

15. Google employs the the brightest coders and technicians, clearly this **** doesn’t work for Google! Tech tattoo Google

14. Yo bro S*** computers, S*** tattoo!  Tech tattoo Dell

13. So you get a Apple logo on your legTech tattoo Apple logo

12.  Cool broTech tattoo Microsoft logo

11. Kinda CuteTech tattoo Linux logo

10. Just CrapTech tattoo Android

9. You suck for getting this dreadful tattoo done in the first placeTech tattoo Blackberry

8.  It was game over the minute he started getting this tattoo doneTech tattoo Super Mario

7. It would have been easier looking up the difference on Google insteadTech tattoo controllers

6. YEAH!!Tech tattoo logos

5. At least shave the whole of your chest whilst getting this Nintendo NES controller tattoo done. Tech tattoo nintendo controller

4. Although this is strange we actually quite like it and the detail of the tattoo makes it look very realTech tattoo plug and socket

3. Can’t believe Bill Gates got a tat of himself and the Microsoft logo on himself on his leg of all places! Tech tattoo Bill Gates

2. This guy won’t be getting any action in the bedroom anytime soonTech tattoo Xbox

1. The winner of the most hideous tattoo goes to this one right here! The level of detail is astounding anyone would think that Steve Jobs did it himself.

Tech tattoo Steve Jobs


by Asia Walker