Transportable Drones Are The Future

Lightweight drones


Drones have become a big thing over the past year however they have always been too large and bulky. This drone designed by DJI still does the same things as any other drone it’s just more lightweight, compact and easier to transport. The Mavric Pro launched in September 2016 and has a number of impressive features. Such as being only H83mmxW83mmxL198mm when it is folded and weighing only 743 grams.

It also has “Flight Autonomy” which means that the drone has the ability to avoid obstacles that get in it’s way as well as being able to hover precisely at the point where you want it to. The drone has 5 cameras, 2 ultrasonic range finders, redundant sensors and 24 powerful computing cores.

The DJI Mavic Pro can easily turn your surroundings into a creative canvas. You can capture every moment by video so you can relive the memories time and time again. Fully charged it gives you up to 27 minutes of flying time and can go at 40mph in sport mode. The transmission range is up to 4.3mi (7km) and produces a 1080p/720p live feed.

This drone is surely going to be popular among drone users as the compatibility of it is impressive. Being able to easily carry a drone around with you that is light and small but has the same quality of a normal sized drone is going to impress a lot of tech users.

We would love to get our hands on one to test it out as some of the features are superb. Here at Phone Heroes we love technology especially new tech as the tech industry moves so quickly the new products or services that are released are very exciting for us. We can’t wait to see if DJI release a Mavic Pro 2 and to see what new features they include on top of those already in the Mavic Pro.

by Asia Walker