The Unique Heartbeat Ring

ring that you can feel the heartbeat



Imagine what it would feel like to feel your partner’s heartbeat through a ring. Well now you can with the HB ring which is made from sapphire, rose gold and stainless steel. Each partner has a separate ring that is controlled through your smartphone which you can download an app to pair it up with your partner’s ring. You just simply tap your ring to feel your partner’s heartbeat without disturbing them.

It allows you to see your partners real-time heartbeat. In addition to this, it saves the last recorded heartbeat in case a real-time one isn’t available. The HB ring itself has the largest sapphire surface on any rings which means that it’s hard to scratch. The HB ring is also water-resistant so you can wear it all the time and not worry about it not working because a liquid has been spilt onto it.

It took two and a half years to develop to make sure that the hardware definitely matched the initial design. Although it may not seem it but there are over 100 different components hidden inside the ring. Some examples, are a rose gold cap, charging connector, sapphire glass, heartbeat sensor and a battery.

The ring itself comes in seven different sizes so that everyone can buy one and it will fit them. It’s super simple to use all you have to do once you own a ring is download the app, connect your ring to it and then partner it with your partner’s ring. To charge it all you have to do is place it upon the unique charging box which looks like a jewelry box.

It would be quite an expensive purchase for yourself as the rose gold pair would cost you $2,990,00 and the standard would cost you $599. It’s something that would be a lovely gesture on a big anniversary such as a silver or gold wedding anniversary.

by Asia Walker