VR Demo From 1990

vr in 1990

Who knew that VR even existed in 1990?  In this video you can see people in Japan using Virtual Reality headsets. Virtual Reality is when you use computer technology to experience a virtual world.  Nowadays people associate virtual reality with the Samsung Gear or the Google Daydream which are both Virtual Reality headsets.

Unlike today back in 1990 you could find virtual reality games in arcades or movie theatres. They were very similar to what we have today but the size of them was a lot bigger which is why they were located in places that had more space. One of the issues with using a public VR headset is that many people would have used it before you. Whereas if you had one at home then just you, your family or friends will be using it.

In 1991 they introduced another kind of virtual reality experience where you could sit down instead of having to stand up. The pods where the VR headsets were based were big to attract attention to them. The competition for the VR pods was very high as people would always prefer to play the other games in the arcade.

Arcade games, in general, meant that you would have to use coins to keep playing whereas the VR pods required you to pay between £3-£5 just to have one go. This meant that people tended to stick to the cheaper arcade games instead of spending loads of money on a 5-minute game. VR games took a lot of getting used to which sometimes meant that by the time you got used to how everything worked your time was up.

VR has evolved massively over the past few years as more and more people become familiar with what it does. It has also become more affordable as not only can businesses afford them but consumers as well who may not have a high budget to spend on technology.

by Asia Walker