The Void Virtual Reality Theme Park

A virtual reality theme park


The Void is the first ever Virtual Reality theme park and it’s based in Utah. There are many different worlds that you can enter such as battle zones or fantasy the possibilities are endless. These worlds are built over physical environments meaning that if you see a chair in the virtual world then it will probably exist in the real one. You are given a VR headset to wear as well as a vest which helps to make the experience more real.

You walk around the sets with your VR headset on and your vest which create this virtual world. You may have to interact with VR characters within the game’s for example, fighting off a monster. Sometimes you are given props which turn into objects in the virtual world. For example, before entering one room you may be handed a box with a handle to hold which is actually a lantern to help you see in a dark cave.

To make the experience as real as possible effects such as wind, rain and heat for example are all used to add to the realness of it. There are even custom made simulators to make it even more realistic. You don’t have to experience it by yourself you and a group of friends can go so that you share the experience. This is not yet open to the public but we expect VR theme parks to expand over the next few years across the world.

This would be a gamers dream to spend the day at this Virtual Reality theme park. I’m sure even if you are not a gamer you would enjoy this as the technology behind it all is astonishing. We have all experienced 4D cinema but this is something on a much larger scale that will truly test all your senses.

by Asia Walker